carbs-at-night_rev2For years now fitness and health “experts” and all those carb based foods/drinks you see on TV programmes try to drill it into your head that eating carbs as part of a “balanced” breakfast keeps you going throughout the day and is a healthy option for breakfast.

My clients will tell you themselves this is not the case. When looking at body composition and total body transformation I recommending eating carbs later in the day.

We want your body to use our fat stores as energy rather than carbohydrates. Consuming large amounts of carbs raises your blood sugar. This triggers the release of the hormone insulin to bring your blood sugar level back down. If you’ve just finished weight training then this is a good thing because the insulin will take the calories you are eating straight to the muscle cells to help them repair. If you haven’t trained then insulin will store those calories as fat.

Therefore we need to manipulate this effect as much as possible, one way to do this is to consume carbs later on in the day, most preferably after a training session, that way the calories you consume are put to good use.

So what should I have for breakfast?!?

A breakfast high in protein and fat will see you through the day making you feel stronger and forcing your body to use fat as energy.

Try this method of eating carbs post training and more protein/healthy fats throughout the day and see how you get on.

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