What is Re-Feeding?

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In our bodies we possess a hormone called leptin, which is a huge fat burning hormone. On most if not all diets, leptin levels drop as the body attempts to spare body fat. Re-Feeding can raise leptin levels and help you to continue to burn fat much more efficiently and effectively.

The importance of Leptin –

Leptin’s […]

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Carbs in the evening

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For years now fitness and health “experts” and all those carb based foods/drinks you see on TV programmes try to drill it into your head that eating carbs as part of a “balanced” breakfast keeps you going throughout the day and is a healthy option for breakfast.

My clients will tell you themselves this is not […]

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The negative effects of Soy

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Soy is often used by fitness enthusiasts all over the world and is seen as a “healthy” alternative to a number of food products due to it being high in protein and low in calories.

I am here to tell you completely the opposite! There are a number of reasons Soy can be VERY detrimental to […]

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Is Fat Really Bad?

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For decades now the media, government and other individuals with a basic knowledge and understanding of fat have supported the idea that having a Low-Fat diet is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving body composition.

Fat is not our enemy when it comes to getting ready for the summer, a wedding, social events etc. […]

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The most important meal of the day!

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Breakfast is widely regarded as the “most important meal of the day” and I have to agree with this completely! Any time a client asks me what should I eat for breakfast, you can guarantee that I say the same thing to everyone regardless of what their goal is.

This is “AVOID CARBS!”

There is substantial research […]

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