Screenshot 2015-07-12 at 23.53.58Give this leg session a go! (1 minute rest between everything)

How hard do you push yourself when you train??

As you can see, I was half dead during my leg session today! (thanks for the stalking Nick!)

Most personal trainers will agree with me, that if you cannot put in the work yourself then what right do you have in telling your clients to push themselves to their limit?! I never tell my client to do any exercise or workout that I haven’t already tried myself.

Today’s leg session –

Back Squats – 4x 6-8 (130kg – aim to go heavy, ass to grass!)

Back Squats superset with lying leg curl – 5×10 (60% of 1RM, heavy but slow contracts on leg curl)

Leg Press – 4×10 (heavy, quick but controlled reps)

Seated Leg Extension – 4×12

Walking Lunges with barbell – 4×20 (10 each leg walking forward)

Seated Calf raises 4×15 (hold at top of lift, slow negative)