It doesn’t matter what your goal is, I will dedicate the time and research into getting you there as quick as possible. With all my past and present clients, I guaranteed them results as long as they stick to the programme and trust in my methods. If you are determined to make a change, it can happen It won’t be easy, but that is why I am here to push you in the right direction and keep you motivated.

One-to-one Personal Trainer

I will design a programme for you to reach your desired goal. I will then oversee all your training and diet. Within each session I will ensure you are worked to your full potential giving you that extra push and motivation to train that little bit harder! Each session you will learn new training techniques and methods that are much more effective and efficient ways of hitting your target.

My Personal Training services are done at Gymworks, Euxton.

Online Personal Trainer

nathan bennett online personal training

After an online consultation I will create a bespoke programme which is unique to you! This programme includes an exercise programme, diet plan and help with supplementation. Each programme can be bought in a number of separate weeks ranging from 4-16 weeks (prices vary).

Your progression is tracked weekly and changes are made when needed to keep up with your results. You will have plenty of contact with me during your time as an online client so I can answer any questions you have and give you the best possible advice when it matters most!

View the shop or email me at for more information.