Super-Hormone-Human-Growth-HormonesThe body naturally produces Human Growth Hormone (HGH or GH) in the pituitary gland. It is responsible for cell growth and also regeneration. In order for the body to increase mass and also bone density GH must be present.

When the body releases GH it is present for a couple of minutes in order for the liver to convert it into growth factors, oh which insulin-like growth factor-1 enables anabolic growth to occur. HGH is used as a performance enhancing drug for a number of reasons; building muscle, cutting fat, increasing libido and increasing energy levels.

GH also promotes and increases the synthesis of new protein tissue which in turn enables a speedy recovery or repair of the muscles. This is how muscle is built hence why plenty of body builders nowadays turn to HGH as a performance enhancing drug when competing.

How can I naturally up my GH?

train-eat-sleep-repeatThere are 4 main ways to increase your GH naturally: training, rest, nutrition and supplementation.

Training can naturally stimulate GH release via intense workouts, long periods of physical exhaustion or anything that uses a large amount of energy and movement. This is due to the muscles turning catabolic therefore your body needs to utilise more protein which GH synthesises to make up for glycogen depletion in the muscles. Training is the best way to release GH due to the amount of stress put on the body.

When resting your GH output is a huge amount (75% of your daily output). This is another reason why rest is so important for anyone building the body they have always desired. GH is produced during sleep to replenish energy ready for the next day while also repairing the body. The GH produced while asleep is nowhere near as potent at training but if GH is that important, why would you not want an extra hour or two in bed!?

I always stress how important nutrition is, sometimes more so than training itself! Amino acids cause GH to be secreted into the blood stream, but for amino acids to be effective and used efficiently you must consume food high in clean fats.


There are a number of supplements that aid in maximising GH. Most are best used pre-workout to ensure you are maximally secreting GH during a workout and using it to its full effect.

There are a number of other supplements which can be used such as OKG, GABA, Ornithineetc but here are just 3 supplements that I have used and I can say they have been effective in my training.

Other nutrients that promote HG are –

HGH is a huge hormone which can benefit you in most aspects of life as well as training. GH is still being experimented on as it is only a recent discover (since 1920) but it will surely enough reveal even more amazing benefits to our body. Something to take away with you if you are already training hard and eating well, do not neglect rest! Everyone has heard that rest is important, and here is proof why.