Do you ever get to the end of an exercise and feel like it hasn’t fully worked your muscles? Or are you one of those chasing that “pump”?

Some more advanced trainers and trainees call a drop set “Neuromuscular Overload Set” or “NOS” for short. This is used widely around the world and recently popularised by Ben Pakulski in the MI40 Training programme.

A drop set simply means you complete your last rep then immediately decrease the weight and complete more reps, then reduce the weight again once you fail on that set and so on. This form of exercise is extremely beneficial to develop strength and build muscle. If you increase the weight and lower the reps you should be able to increase the intensity of the exercise. Intense exercise with heavy weights recruits more fast-twitch motor units and therefore produces more powerful muscle contractions.

I can guarantee you will get some great strength and size gains from completing a drop set on every other exercise you perform. Be warned though, drop sets can cause major fatigue during and post workout, therefore rest is necessary. Also it is vital that you continue to lift with proper technique rather than terrible forced reps.

Here is an example of two drop set workouts taken from www.poliquingroup.com