Some recent testimonials:

Carl Slater


“At the beginning of the year, I made the big decision to return to the sport I have played and loved for over 15 years, Ice Hockey. Having taken a 4 year break from the sport to concentrate on my career and studies, I had completely neglected my health, piling on weight and becoming seriously unfit. I knew I was in no fit state to be able to return to the sport safely.

I tried training again however I found it difficult to get back into exercise. I was often embarrassed at my lack of strength and fitness, and not being able to operate at the levels I once had. So I wasted a number of months coasting through training with a mediocre diet and making minimal progress. With season fast approaching I knew I had to do something about it. I was slightly sceptical about personal trainers and what exactly they could bring to the table; however I was in dire straits and so took the plunge on hiring one. What a fool I had been for not doing this sooner!

After reading his bio and picking up on his interest in sports, I approached Nathan with my dilemma and asked if he would work with me, with the intention of having me at peak fitness come the start of the season in September.

Nathan immediately put my mind at ease and reassured me that we could sort something out in the time I had leading up to the season. We discussed my sport and the requirements of my position so that he could tailor a plan specifically for me and to ensure that my body would stand up to the test I would put it through during a 32 game season. From this Nathan developed me a periodised 12 week diet and training plan which I aimed to follow as closely as possible.

Nathan’s motivational skills were first-rate. I think the main benefit I took away from hiring Nathan as my personal trainer was the accountability. Knowing that I had someone who would keep me on the straight and narrow was very important. He truly believed in what he was doing, he took pride in me as a client and I felt like his project. I didn’t want to disappoint and that motivated me no end.

The 12 week plan is nearing its end and I have made significant improvements both on the ice and in the mirror. My strength has gone through the roof and my stamina has improved making a dramatic difference to my game. I can skate quicker for longer, hit harder and shoot faster. I have dropped body fat and increased muscular size. I actually feel confident about my physique for the first time in as long as I can remember. It goes without saying that I could not recommend Nathan highly enough. If you’re sceptical, give him a try, the results will speak for themselves.

Although my 12 week plan is almost over, I see our client-trainer relationship continuing well into the future and I can’t wait to see what else we can achieve together.”


Debbie Barrett

“Nathan has been my PT for the last 12 weeks at Gymworks. As a larger person he has made me feel very comfortable training with him and trust him completely to helping me on the road to reaching my goals.

His enthusiasm and encouragement is infectious and he never gives me less than 100%. He motivates me to work my body hard to achieve my goals.

He is very knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness from exercise to all dietary requirements.

Nathan so far has helped me lose 4 1/2 stone in just 12 weeks!

Anybody looking for a personal trainer I would highly recommend Nathan.”


Becky Dilworth

“I have been training with Nathan on and off for about 10 months. I first started training with Nathan when I was training for Salford 10K last September. Since then we have continued training but more weight based rather than cardio. We alternate sessions between upper/core and lower. Whilst my lower body has always been stronger than my upper, thanks to the training sessions with Nathan, my upper body is now catching up!

I am now able to do exercises that I have never been able to do or struggled with previously and I am lifting weight that I never thought would be possible.

I’m so pleased with how far I have come and what I have achieved that I just feel so motivated now to continue with my training and achieve even more!

I would highly recommend Nathan as a Personal Trainer, he knows more than I do what I am capable of and he has really encouraged me to achieve what I thought was impossible!”



I started training with Nathan in March 2015. I had always been interested in fitness and tried to live an active lifestyle. Like a lot of women, I generally focused on cardio, spending most of my time on the treadmill believing this would offer me the lean and toned physique I had always dreamed of. After years of performing the same routine, my motivation was at an all-time low, and after tearing the tendon in my knee I knew I was even further away from my goal.

After reading articles on weight training for women I wanted to give it a try, but was concerned it would make me look “bulky”. However I took the plunge and tried to do it on my own. Lack of knowledge, confidence and poor technique meant I made very little progress at first and this became frustrating for me.

My goal seemed impossible and so as a last ditch effort I decided I would hire a personal trainer to see if they could help. I saw Nathan training with clients in the gym and approached him about putting something together for me. He quickly put my mind at ease as I could see he knew what he was talking about. He was very easy to talk to and had a very clear passion for his job.

Nathan developed a diet and training plan for me which changed from time to time according to my personal requirements. I was always impressed with the level of work he put into each plan, constantly researching and making sure that each aspect was tailored specifically to my targets.

I followed the plan religiously. This required a great deal of dedication, but I can honestly say that I found Nathan’s nutritional plans enjoyable rather than difficult. I saw the importance of fuelling your body in order to get the best results, and I realised that I hadn’t been eating enough of the right things which contributed to my lack of motivation and poor training sessions.

I am now 16 weeks into my diet and training programme, and I am over the moon with the changes I have seen already. I’m getting stronger, leaner and fitter every day, constantly achieving new personal bests. I finally have the confidence I needed to hit the “men’s” section of the gym when I’m on my own, meaning my sessions are more productive than ever. My weight has actually increased however I have dropped 7% body fat and am looking leaner than ever before. The numbers on the scale do not scare me any more as I know that they mean absolutely nothing!

I genuinely cannot recommend Nathan enough and I can’t wait to continue working with him to see what else we can achieve!