fotolia_6556812_XSSoy is often used by fitness enthusiasts all over the world and is seen as a “healthy” alternative to a number of food products due to it being high in protein and low in calories.

I am here to tell you completely the opposite! There are a number of reasons Soy can be VERY detrimental to your health and generally most if not all fitness goals.

1. It is a feminizing agent which contains phytoestrogen. Men should obviously avoid this as it can cause droopy breast tissue, reduced pilosity and sexual dysfunction.

2. It can damage your thyroid – it will interfere with thyroid functions as it disrupts iodine absorption. Any small drop in thyroid function will eventually lead to fat gain.

3. It can suppress the absorption of vital nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and iron which oxalic acid (found in soy) binds to, decreasing the absorption rate of these nutrients.

4. It contains phytic acid which depletes nutrients and slows mineral absorption thus making your digestion much worse.

5. Continuing on from the digestion side, soy is high in oligosaccarides, which is a carb that most people have a hard time breaking down therefore creating gastric discomfort, bloating and a lot of gas!

6. Lastly soy also contains manganese which in large amounts is neurotoxic. Soy has been linked with attention deficit disorder for this very reason.

I hear people saying that they feel great when eating or drinking Soya products. Check the ingredients on the list of soy milk and look at how much sugar it has from evaporated, cane sugar, rice sugar, barley malt, fructose and corn syrup.

The most likely reason that people feel energetic and great after drinking soy milk is that you get a small sugar high.

The second reason being that soy oestrogens are stimulating your thyroid. This can cause a mildly hyperactive thyroid with very short-term energy gain. The downside to this is that eventually your thyroid crashes, sinking into hypothyroidism which can cause poor energy levels, loss of brain function etc.

Next time you hear someone say “I drink soya milk because it makes me feel great and it is healthy” Show them this small article and ask them what exactly is healthy about soy?!