Creatine-MonohydrateEvery so often you get curious to what supplements someone you know is using. Creatine Monohydrate will definitely pop up 90% of the time. But what is this substance and what does it do?

It is known as a sports ergogenic for both physiological and nutritional. It is produced in the liver and kidneys from amino acids (arginine, glycine, and methionine) and is also found in animal foods in small amounts. Over 90% of creatine in the human body is found in the muscle.

Creatine promotes protein synthesis which is needed for muscle growth. It is also used to increase physical power and mechanical edge.

Within sporting events our muscles use ATP-PC (if you ever did A-level PE you will know what this is) the PC part being creatine phosphate. Therefore athletes use creatine to increase power and speed within their chosen events.

Other studies have shown users to have a decrease of body fat and increase of muscle mass when used regularly but this is not fully proven.

I have personally used creatine for a couple of years on and off and found it to be beneficial.

Here is a link to the same one I use – Use the code “TROPIBERRY” (without quotes) for 25% off the tropical and berry flavours.

I also get the unflavoured one and mix it with a protein shake post workout.