Screenshot 2015-07-13 at 00.05.35In our bodies we possess a hormone called leptin, which is a huge fat burning hormone. On most if not all diets, leptin levels drop as the body attempts to spare body fat. Re-Feeding can raise leptin levels and help you to continue to burn fat much more efficiently and effectively.

The importance of Leptin –

Leptin’s main function in the body is to regulate hunger, food intake and energy expenditure. Your cravings become more severe one your leptin levels begin to fall. It also signifies that your metabolism is slowing; this is due to any hypocalorie diet (reduced calorie diet) which is done over a long period of time causes your body to slow its metabolic functions to adapt to the amount of calories it is given. Thus causing less fat loss in the long run!

Someone who is fairly lean already will need to re-feed more often than someone with a higher body fat percentage.

A proper Re-Feed day should –

  • Keep fat as low as possible as insulin levels will increase dietary fat transport into adipose tissue.
  • Reduce the amount of fruit eaten (limit fructose) as it does not have an impact on leptin levels.
  • Increase calories that day back to maintenance level and increase overall carbohydrate intake that day.

You may gain a small amount of fat on re-feed days, but once back on your normal diet, your metabolism will be much more effective once again aiding you in fat loss!

*IMPORTANT* – Re-Feed days are NOT cheat days, do not get them mixed up!

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