A total body transformation will change your life completely. Not only will you feel better in yourself, your mind set towards life, food and fitness is completely different. You will never again be that person who “cannot be bothered” to work out, and takes the easy option of a takeaway every night.

No matter what age, weight or gender, everyone can achieve great results if pushed in the right direction. Guts, determination and self-motivation are key, once you get past the first few weeks of training and eating correctly, you will start to see your body transform. Using this as motivation there is nothing you cannot achieve!

Here are transformations from gym and online clients. I only post real people with real results. All time periods are mentioned to show you what you can achieve in short spaces of time.

Ashleigh and Emily

Two online clients of mine Emily and Ashleigh have done great.

They both came to me asking to get ready for their holiday which was in 3 weeks and knowing it was a last minute decision to get online coaching they were sceptical about getting any results at all. I assured them that if they stuck to the plan which I provided for them (both a diet plan and training programme) that they can make a huge difference to their body composition within 3-4 weeks. All that I asked is they trust my methods and stick to the programme.

In just 22 days they have achieved amazing results. Both losing a great amount of fat (3.9% and 5%).

Well done ladies!!

body-transformation-ashley    body-transformation-emily



Carl has been training with me just short of three weeks now and already seeing dramatic improvements!

He is preparing himself for the upcoming Ice Hockey season and is looking to drop body fat while increase muscle mass, strength and power prior to the start of the season.

He has stuck to his diet 100% without any deviation and he has followed his training programme completely. While training 1-1 with me he has pushed himself above and beyond and is reaping the benefits.

He says that he feels more energetic on a daily basis, he is feeling much faster and stronger on the ice too!

Great job Carl, keep it up!


[updated – 10 weeks training]

Carl Body Transformation, Side ViewCarl Body Transformation - UpdateCarl Body Transformation, Back View

[updated – 15 weeks training]


More than happy with my clients progress over 15 weeks!

Carl has dropped from 23.2% body fat down to 14% (9.2% loss). He also lost 4.5″ from his hips and 8″ from his waist!

Carl’s original goal was to condition his body ready for the new Ice Hockey season. The season begins in a week and he is already showing signs of great fitness levels. His team Blackburn Eagles have signed him this year and I cannot wait to hear how his new found strength and fitness have helped him to victory after victory!

Carl is living proof that following a training programme and guidance in his diet can make a huge difference to how you look and feel.



Hazel has been training with me for just 27 days so far and is already making huge progression towards the body she wants. Hazel has dropped 6.3% body fat already and it shows especially around her abdominal area. This just shows that with the correct diet and proper training protocols you can achieve similar results in the same time!




One of my newest clients came to me looking to shed some body fat and for help with her diet. She has been with me for 6 weeks and already making great progression losing 4.5% body fat. She is lifting heavier than ever before with perfect technique and still motivated to hit that 15% body fat mark!


[updated – 16 weeks training]

allie_sideallie_front allie_back

Allie Has made great progress over the last 16 weeks training with me. From going to the gym every day of every week to cutting down her sessions looking more at the quality of training. We set her goal to hit around 15% body fat and we last measured in at 15.8%! Her initial bodyfat was at 23.8%.

She is lifting much heavier than she used to while maintaining great technique.

Allie has done great with her diet so far and is continuing to work with me through online training.



One of my online clients Grace current progression over the last few months has been great! She has really taken to training and became much more accustomed to making healthier choices when it comes to her diet and even decided to run a marathon this summer!



Debbie came to me initially to learn how to use gym equipment. After the first session she set herself her own targets and instantly became in love with the idea of being fit. So far she has dropped 4 ½ stone in just 12 weeks. She continues to work hard every session and is a perfect example of what hard work and determination can achieve.


[updated – 20 weeks training]


Debbie’s transformation has been truly inspiring. We have been working hard for 20 weeks straight now with an overall aim to lose over 6stone before I head to Aus. Our initial weigh in was 23st 6lbs, our last weigh in measured in at 16st 7lbs! Each month I ensure that the weight lost was maintainable so that even on a bad day (which she never has) she doesn’t pile the weight backon.

She lost 14.5″ off her waist, 11″ off her hips and 4″ off her thighs! Debbie has worked extremely hard and I am very proud of what she has accomplished so far. She will be continuing to train on her own while using my online services aiming to drop much more weight.

Something to also note – before Debbie came to me she didn’t eat much, especially when at work. She now has a much more balanced diet where she stays fuller for longer and keeps hydrated all the time.

Well done Debbie, I cannot wait to see how far this transformation can go!