Everyone involved in the fitness industry wouldn’t say no to owning a great set of Abs. Although when it comes to knowing how to get a decent set of abs sometimes gets methods confused with facts and fiction. Here is what is known.

Truth be told, just about anyone can develop great abdominals without doing sit ups, crunches or any of those bulls**t 15 minute ab dvds/programmes. Core training to gain abs doesn’t have to have over the top exercises, all you need to do is keep it simple. Evidence shows that simply performing total body lifts such as squats, power cleans and deadlifts can help develop your abs much more effectively than the majority of ab exercises.

This is not to say completely stop training abs. If you want to add a little bit of an ab workout alongside your weight training this can also be beneficial. Those who enjoy adding abs post workout here are a few suggestions to help you on your way to 6 pack abs! (Assuming you are eating properly enough to reduce the fat around your mid-section through proper nutrition.

single-leg-jackknife-sit-upOne great exercise you can perform is the single-leg jackknife sit up. Instead of using both legs like the classic style of doing it, this variation involves on leg being bent and the entire foot is in contact with the floor with the other left straight. Lift your leg and trunk at the same time as rapidly as possible. Perform the same amount of reps on each side and increase the weight if needs be with ankle weights.

reverse-sit-upAnother exercise is the reverse sit-up, with legs bent and then straightened. Initially sit down with your legs crossed and lifted off the floor (slightly lent back while seated on your glutes) bring your knees towards your chest and then straighten your legs back out again.

Another two great exercises are pullovers and straight-arm lat pulldowns. Most if not all pullovers will affect your abs, you can perform effective variations by anchoring your feet on a sit up board with your knees bent, pull the weight behind your head and then return to the start. It is vital to keep your upper body completely straight while doing this to fully stretch your abs. To make this even harder you can slightly lean backwards while holding heavier weights. Be mindful of your rotator cuff when performing pullovers as they require a full warm up to prevent injury.

For straight arm lat pulldowns, use a high-pulley machine and contract your abs prior to any movement. Doing this will work your rectus abdominis muscle much more than any sit up will do.

To conclude, to get great abs quickly, you need to eat well and lift heavy. Although if needs be you can supplement your usual training with a quick post ab workout.